XTC Scalp Prep revitalizes your scalp by making it clean and removing excessive sebum oils and debris that can block the

follicle, restricting new fragile hair from coming through the scalp.

XTC Bio-Cure Shampoo is the perfect choice for those who want to create thicker, fuller, great looking hair, safely and

without risk.

XTC Pure Shampoo is a cleanser. So gentle, it can be used every day. Its unique formula effectively removes undesireable

scalp residue and build-up while simultaneously providing strength, moisture and shine to the hair.

XTC Nourish + Condition Treatment restores, energizes and moisturizes your hair and scalp through infusing the hair

with all the essential amino acids, vitamins and minerals that your hair needs.

XTC Xtreme DHT Inhibitor was clinically developed to help grow your hair stronger, fuller, faster and to arrest pattern

hair loss in both men and women of all ethnicities.

Minoxidil is the only topical hair product FDA proven to stop hair loss and to re-grow hair in both men and women. Clinical

research shows that increasing the concentration of Minoxidil from 2% to 5% will improve the quantity of hair growth, while

simultaneously decreasing the length of time for successful results. HOW XTC IMPROVED MINOXIDIL - XTC HAIR BOOST.

Laser Treatment - There are several home laser treatment NLP on the market, but none are proven to deliver clinic laser

results. During your consultation, it will be determined which laser treatment is best for you as all factors are considered XTC

General Laser Information. Xanadu Hair-Loss & Scalp Clinic uses a state of the art Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) in

conjunction with all of the above mentioned products. It is important to use a multi-therapeutic modality of treatment to

achieve optimal results. For more information, please read XTC Laser Information and call today to schedule your


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